January 2019

Star Wars Light Cover

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Between May the Fourth, announcements about new Star Wars movies and the third installment of Rey's saga coming to theaters this year (in which John Boyega just teased us about filming his most shocking scene!), Star Wars is on everyone's brain, so it's no wonder that the Star Wars merch is everywhere. There are new goodies featuring Darth Vader, General Leia and everyone we know and love being made every day and it's an exciting time to be alive.

Family Guy Is Cutting Gay Jokes

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In the wake of so much upset over the new woke Gilette commercial about toxic masculinity, many of us are wondering how everything can be reframed with a positive masculine mindset. It's honestly not that hard to think of ideas, but it can be hard to break old habits and form new pathways--at least until they, too, become habits. It's like changing any other pattern of behavior and I can't commend Family Guy enough for deciding to nix the gay jokes.

Brew Dr. Kombucha

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Gone are the days when getting your kombucha fix meant gambling with your health and microbes by keeping your scoby alive on your kitchen counter and hoping for the best. While you can definitely still brew your own kombucha at home (and some of my friends are super good at it), today you can find just about every flavor available in many stores. Even the generic grocery store is carrying single-serve bottles of ginger kombucha to enjoy and it's wonderful.

Boozy Candles

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As a candle hoarder, I love unconventional scents that you won't find at the typical store but at, say, geek conventions or in online shops like Etsy. I am a sucker for homemade items to begin with, but when I see a candle named "Hello, Sweetie" as an homage to River Song of Doctor Who fame, you can bet that I'm interested. That happens to be what I'm burning right now.

The Best Way To Enjoy The Dead

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One of my favorite Grateful Dead fans and I got into a friendly argument the other day. She really enjoys Pandora since it introduces her to new music she loves and suggests new bands and singers based on her love for Jerry Garcia and company. I, on the other hand, prefer to stick to the classics, opting for YouTube or Spotify playlists to enjoy my music without learning about new performers.

Nuclear Weapons 370 - China Constructs Underground Steel Great Wall To Protect Retaliatory Capability

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Qian Qihu

       China has a nuclear policy that says that it will not be the first to use nuclear weapons in a conflict with other nations. However, their policy also says that the Chinese nuclear capability must be able to survive a nuclear attack and retaliate against an enemy.