October 2012

Tech stock tips

Seagate, Lam Research, Zynga and Microsoft...

I have been long on Google, Apple, Microsoft and Yahoo for quite some time. However, my aim with this post is to bring to light a few tech stocks that could be great bargains and may take you to the promised land.

Despite the disappointing earnings reports of tech favorites, the recommendation should be to buy up these stocks going into the U.S. presidential election. Tech stocks have tended to increase during election years and investors will have to take advantage of the low levels that they are trading at.

Seagate (STX)

The hard disk manufacturer is currently trading at $28. One excellent reason to buy Seagate stock is its juicy 4.51 percent dividend yield. PC sales may have slowed, but there is always going to be demand for hard disk and extra space. Moreover, Seagate is vastly undervalued.

Yahoo making good moves

The Internet giant hopes for a turnaround in 2013

Yahoo has been much ignored by the media and Wall Street which seems to favor Microsoft, Apple, Google and Facebook among others. But I am here to tell you that techies are expecting big things from Yahoo in 2013.

Yahoo was also negatively impacted after the Google earnings report and its stock shed 1.5 percent. This was still a far cry from the 8 percent that Google stock shed.

This post comes at a time when the Internet company is due to release its Q3 earnings after the stock market closes on Monday. Yahoo's most impressive move for me personally was the hiring of Marissa Mayer as President and CEO. She was a big talent at Google and also a Stanford grad. However, she has had her first child and investors are worried that this could impact her performance. I doubt it will!

Playaway View

This might be a tech toy that I could actually enjoy.

Normally I don’t advocate electronics that might take away time from actual reading and imaginative play, but today we ran across a device that I actually think is sort of cool.

Have you hard of the Playaway View? A Walmart grant afforded our local libraries to purchase these small devices to allow children to read and watch videos on their screens. They are shaped like a small game system about the size of a GPS system and feature a plug-in device for charging. They are super easy to hold and just as simple to use.

They Playaway View we checked out is a four-part series of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. One of the episodes was my daughter’s favorite one, about how fortune cookies are made, so you can imagine how stoked she was to see that! There are lots of other choices available as well, from The Very Hungry Caterpillar to The Mouse and the Motorcycle.

America's top tech visionaries

A look at some of the trailblazers.

Monday is Columbus Day and this might be a great time to look back at the tech heroes that have made this country what it is today. There are just 10 on this list and there are many more that this country has produced. I guess this is a bit of a subjective list, but fairly accurate nonetheless.

Wernher von Braun

As a space enthusiast, I had to go with the father of the United States program even though he was an immigrant from Germany. The space program owes a lot to him and his imagination.

Benjamin Franklin

America has been propelled to greatness by some visionaries who have been around since the time of the "First American" Benjamin Franklin. He is well-known for his electricity experiments.

Google could present a new Nexus this October

New Google phone will make an appearance soon.

At this time of the year, there is information about the upcoming Google Nexus phone. Very few rumors have come out in previous years, which by this time, had already been leaked virtually with every detail of the Google Nexus. Currently it is rumored that there are three new phones, the Optimus Nexus, Xperia Galaxy Nexus and Nexus II, but according to the latest rumors could be a single Nexus phone this year.

The latest news comes from Android and Me, according to several reliable sources, which in the past gave good leaks. We have confirmed that the next Google phone will be announced very soon, with a good chance for this October. We remind you that the Galaxy Nexus was announced in mid-October last year.