August 2012

Facebook getting "defriended"

Facebook stock price is now down 50 percent since its IPO.

Facebook’s stock price has hit an all-time low and many analysts and investors are wondering if there should be a change at the top. Or whether there should be a difference in the management of the company.

Mark Zuckerberg did speak to his employees and stated that the decline in the stock price has been painful. But this does not necessarily mean that it was painful for him. It seemed like he was trying to show empathy and being defensive as usual. What I am trying to say is that he was telling his employees that he is not bothered about the negative media coverage as only him and his employees are aware about the vision for Facebook and how it will make money in the future.

New drawbacks and benefits of technology

Our constantly changing world has its ups and downs…

Most of what we hear about our technology and media use is negative, but some of it can also be positive. And some of it is, well, just weird. For example…

Adele’s songs scientifically make you cry

Huh. And here I thought it was just her amazing voice, badass attitude, and general awesomeness that drew me in. But no, it turns out that they are designed to make us weep. They contain special devices and tricks, such as an ornamental note that clashes with melody, implemented just to make us boo hoo and get sentimental and call up our exes and sob embarrassing stories into—wait, that’s just me? Well, I still love Adele, even if her music is secret agent style.

25 hot tech companies

Tech companies that are growing fast!


I just finished up a post talking about the greatness of LinkedIn.


I have talked enough about Apple on this blog so you might as well head over there to see the great things I have to say.

Qlik Technologies

This software company counts ING, Kraft Foods and NASDAQ among its clients.

Athena Health

These days they talk about cloud-based business and Athena Health is one of the leading ones.