April 2012

Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram reveals that the social network has a $104 billion valuation

Facebook had to reveal its cards to get Instagram

There was a giant deal made earlier this month when Facebook purchased the photo-sharing service Instagram for about a $1 billion. Facebook is going to make the payment by a combination of 70 percent stock and 30 percent in cash. M&A analysts then calculate the stock price for Facebook at around $30 a share.

Based on how shares of Facebook have been trading on the secondary market it leads to a $104 billion valuation because Facebook stock has been selling for as much as $40. Kevin Systrom who is one of Instagram’s founders actually brought up this valuation number and it seems to be about right according to most reports.

The homes of the Tech Titans

It pays off big time to be a geek!

I was talking about Facebook and how the very successful Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose has now joined Google. But I wanted to take a different approach in this post and enlighten you on the homes of some of these tech titans.

Mark Zuckerberg

I guess I should start with the most famous of all the tech titans. His $7 million home in Palo Alto, CA is still considered modest even though it is a far cry from his Harvard dorm room where he started the social network giant that is Facebook.


Mark Pincus

Zuckerberg may be a baby face, but Pincus is a seasoned pro and has made full use out of Facebook’s popularity and cashed in with his online games like CityVille and Farmville to shell out on a bunch of different multi-million dollar homes.