March 2012

Android VS. iPhone

One of the biggest debates in the technology would have been the Android phone VS. The iPhone. Many people have conflicting opinions when it comes to these two devices and I think much of it has to do with the owners. If you own an iPhone before an Android, it seems that the owner remains somewhat loyal and tends to stick with the make of their first phones.

$60M Man Kevin Rose is now a Googler

"It is interesting to note that not all of the staff members of Milk made it to Google with Rose."

Internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose who has invested in several famous tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Formspring is now officially a Googler. Rose who has cofounded Digg, the well-known technology link website, and Pownce, the micro-blogging site has had Google offer him $15M to take over his latest online venture called Milk.

Milk was started last year in April by Rose has been shut down and its innovative ideas and technical assets will be utilized in Google’s products. The search engine giant has made this move to rapidly push up its social presence in an effort to assist its evolving social network Google+. This is an effort to try to take market share away from Facebook and that will be pretty hard to do.

Using the BBB

Check Out all Potential Internet Businesses

For every one legitimate online business, you are going to come across at least ten that are complete scams. You do not need to give up on your search for an Internet job, you just need to be willing to do your homework before becoming involved with a company that could wipe you of your life savings. Here is how you can use the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to prevent joining the wrong business opportunity.

How to make money of Facebook IPO

I did promise in my last post that I would share advice on how to take advantage of the Facebook IPO that is going to create a lot of wealth and take the recent tech bubble to a very high level. From what I have been learning it is the venture capitalists who invested in Facebook, its founders and employees even the rank and file employees who will make the most of out of this IPO.

The Facebook IPO is anticipated to make at least a thousand people millionaires. A lot of these employees are already cashing out by selling their stock options and shares on private exchanges such as SecondMarket and SharesPost and I think it would be best to buy the stock options from these exchanges and get ready for the IPO in May.

The problem is that stock analysts seem to agree that Facebook’s share price will be overvalued and the figure that is being widely discussed as the stock price of Facebook will be in the range of $35 to $40. There are definite risks involved in investing in Facebook stock as there is always the possibility that it could become like MySpace or Hi5. The other issue is that it really doesn’t have any proper revenue streams and has been relying on cash from venture capitalists to prepare for the IPO.

Mini PC to avoid


I’m pretty good with computers, so when a friend recently asked me to take a look at their HP mini, I thought it would be no problem. When I first got the computer, I was unsure as to what she was talking about because it seemed to be working just fine. A few minutes after having the computer powered on, I began to understand why this computer was driving her crazy.

Facebook Inc. will get $8bn prior to going public

"It is interesting to note the people who have missed out on a large chunk of change before the IPO"

The bulge bracket banks Bank of America – Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs offered Facebook Inc. (FB) a revolving credit line of $5 billion. Furthermore, the same consortium of banks negotiated a deal with Facebook to offer an extra $3 billion in a bridge loan to assist with some obligations associated with the IPO. This will go down as the largest IPO by an internet company.

Facebook’s value is in the ballpark of $75 billion to $100 billion. The Palo Alto, CA based tech firm also reported impressive revenues and had net income at $668 million in 2011 which was up by as much as $372 million from 2010. Facebook apparently has 845 million members around the globe, but there are reports that there are a growing number of fake users.

iPad2 Now Cheaper

Is the $100 reduction enough?

The iPad3 was unveiled this week after a long and highly anticipated wait. The iPad3 base cost was the same as the older iPad2 model. Yet, quick soon after the third generation iPad was launched, Apple announced a drop in the price of the iPad2.

Start Your Own Online Dollar Store

Starting a business in a down economy can be extremely hard. In order to survive you must look for an opportunity that can withstand the test of time. Starting your own online Dollar Store is the perfect solution.

Individuals and families are cutting back how much they spend, and are looking for ways to get everyday items as cheap as possible. I know I find myself at the Dollar Store in town much more often than any other store, as they now carry all kinds of things-even food.

The Toshiba C655D-S5200

If you on the market for a laptop that is not only affordable, but works great, the Toshiba C655D-S5200 may be the right choice for you. While there are laptops that are similar in price to this Toshiba, it out performs those other brands in almost every aspect. At only around $300.00, the Toshiba satellite notebook has many extra features such as; a build in web cam, Microsoft word, AMD vision and over 16” of screen to give you the best viewing experience.

Becoming Pro Kindle

It has its benefits.

My mom recently gave me her Kindle. She was given the eReader as a gift from a friend, and hadn’t opened the package. I was going to teach abroad in China, and I wasn’t able to pack many books for my four month stint in the country or for the twelve-plus hour plane trip. The Kindle was the best option.

Google's New Privacy Protect Rolled Out

Innovation or invasion of privacy?

In case you haven't heard, Google unveiled a new privacy policy this past week. The search engine giant was upfront with users and has told users of its products and services, like Gmail, Google Docs, YouTube, that information it completes about user will be compiled into a profile.

What this amounts to is that you may see more targeted advertisements related to your searches, what you watch on video on YouTube, or even what you say in emails. While some see this as a good thing: after all, you'll be receiving relevant ads versus irrelevant ads. Others see it as an invasion of privacy.

Seeing relevant ads is okay by some. Others it ends up with a creepiness factor.

Don’t Forget About Craigslist

One of the job boards I frequent always seems to have a large amount of job posts that originated from Craigslist. As a freelance writer, I often find jobs from ads posted on these boards. I began to think, however, that I could search Craigslist for myself and possibly get a jump on the competition.

First, you have to head to Craigslist’s homepage. Then you can select your state from the list. When I do this I have about three different cities that are all nearby, so I faithfully check each of those cities. Once you land on the city page, you can click the type of job you are looking for. I choose the writing jobs.