December 2011

iPad Classic Family Fun Games

List of Classic Family Fun Games You Can Play on Your Brand New iPad

Were you one of the lucky ones who received an iPad 2 for Christmas? If so, I'm envious. But did you know that you can play some of those family-favorite classic games on your iPad?

OK, I realized that gathering the troop around the iPad for game night isn't as the same as the real thing, but if the family game night has gotten a tad bit boring, then using the iPad to play some of the classic games may get everyone a bit more excited about staying in on a Friday night for family game night.

One of the advantages of using the iPad to play your games, is it often means faster game play -- which enables you to play more games. It also "does the math" and helps with tallying up money, scores, properties, armies, and others.

CNET has come up with a list of iPad family games:

Constant texting is problematic

It's troublesome to more than your weary thumbs.

I was at a holiday gathering the other day, and my sixteen-year-old cousin was texting underneath the table. Her mom and dad repeatedly told her to stop--they said it was like being at home at the dinner table--but she wouldn't. She acted like her social world would stop revolving if she didn't send a text back to one of the popular girls at her high school.

It probably would have.

The Kindle and other eReaders

The Kindle

When the first e-reader came out on the market I was completely against it. There is nothing like browsing through a bookstore and finding that perfect book. The feel of the book in your hand, and even the smell of the book is enticing to me. My thoughts on e-readers were they would pass and the book would prevail in this war.

Making a Living as an Affiliate Marketer

"If you want to maximize your earnings, you will have to keep track of your promotions to see which ones are working and which ones aren’t."

Over the past few years, I have made a few extra bucks with affiliate products. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to devote to making it a full time job. It is, however, a lucrative business that you can do from the comfort of your home computer.

To get started as an affiliate marketer, you will need to sign-up with a company that has affiliate products that you can promote. These companies are totally free to join. The most popular company with a large list of affiliate products is ClickBank, but Shareasale and Commission Junction are also legitimate companies.

Sales Companies Now Allow You to Sell Online

For years women have been trying to earn a living at home via sales companies. Unfortunately, sales were always limited by the number of home parties that could be booked, and the number of guests that showed up at each party. Of course, women had to leave their children at home on party nights, which is the exact opposite of why most women chose to work at home in the first place.

The increasing speed of American communication

And its constant punishment.

Our world runs fast. We like fast trains, fast cars, fast emails, fast shipping, fast communication—fast, fast, fast. If you don’t answer an email the day it was written, you’ve probably lost it amidst your other piles of communication; if you can’t cook a Cornish hen in thirty minutes or less, you’re probably eliminated from your cooking show.

YouTube Has a New Look

This latest redesign represents the largest in its history.

Have you been to YouTube lately? If you have, you may have noticed its new site design. The new site design is simpler, and makes it easier for you to find the videos you want to see through customizable channels. Surely, this has to be a good thing, right? The old design was convoluted and confusing, partly due to the constant surge of videos -- up to 48 hours worth each minute.

Because YouTube has so much content, it was becoming more difficult for users to find what they were looking for. Although the site had been redesigned in the past, this latest redesign represents the largest in its history.

How to Obtain Internet Blogging Gigs

"Putting in a little bit of time each day to hunt down new blogging job leads will eventually lead you into a part-time, or full-time income"

I’ve been writing online for pay ever since I discovered working outside the home was going to be virtually impossible. My youngest daughter has a rare neuro-genetic disorder, and requires 24 hour care. She is sick so frequently that she actually has a medical exemption from school. She attends a special services school, so the medical exemption just covers us from getting in trouble when she misses more days than are allowed for children without chronic medical issues.

Bloomberg's Best Jobs of 2011

Take heed--all jobs are not created equally interesting.

We all know that the economy is still in a downward spiral and that good jobs are few and far between. In times like these, there is a solution: give up your dreams because you might be able to land a secure job that you hate.

I read Top Ten lists like this one from Bloomberg Businessweek because I am a masochist. I like to know that the kinds of industry that thrived in a healthy economy--like the arts and creative jobs--have been replaced with corporate alternatives that the magazine offers as nifty, comparable replacements.

Let's take a look at Bloomberg's Top Jobs of 2011 and consider if we want to perform them for the rest of our lives: