Using the BBB

Using the BBB

Check Out all Potential Internet Businesses

For every one legitimate online business, you are going to come across at least ten that are complete scams. You do not need to give up on your search for an Internet job, you just need to be willing to do your homework before becoming involved with a company that could wipe you of your life savings. Here is how you can use the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to prevent joining the wrong business opportunity.

First, you need to head to the website and choose either “USA site” or “Canada Site.” I almost always select the USA site, but if you happen to know the company is based in Canada, then go ahead and click on that link.

Next, you’ll see a rectangular orange button that reads, “Check out a business or charity.” Click on that button to bring up the search boxes. You’ll then have a chance to select the method you want to use to search for the business you want to investigate. You can search by the name of the business, the URL of the business’ website, the phone number associated with the business, or an email address that is associated with the business in question.

Finally, you’ll receive a report about the business you entered. If the business has any grade other than an A, you will be told why the grade is less than perfect. If complaints were made, it will list the nature of the complaints, as well as whether the company took steps to resolve the issues that were raised in the complaints.

I don’t do business with any company that does not have an A or B grade. Obviously, you don’t even want to consider those that have a grade of a D or F. Even if they are legal, they don’t have a reliable product, service, or history of meeting their clients needs in a satisfactory manner.