New drawbacks and benefits of technology

New drawbacks and benefits of technology

Our constantly changing world has its ups and downs…

Most of what we hear about our technology and media use is negative, but some of it can also be positive. And some of it is, well, just weird. For example…

Adele’s songs scientifically make you cry

Huh. And here I thought it was just her amazing voice, badass attitude, and general awesomeness that drew me in. But no, it turns out that they are designed to make us weep. They contain special devices and tricks, such as an ornamental note that clashes with melody, implemented just to make us boo hoo and get sentimental and call up our exes and sob embarrassing stories into—wait, that’s just me? Well, I still love Adele, even if her music is secret agent style.You are what you are

As much as I hate the phrase “It is what it is,” it really does apply in this news: people who are already stupid just get stupider while they use the Internet, while people who are already intelligent are made smarter by the technology. Of course, a true study wasn’t conducted, so who knows if this is true or not? Read the article, though; it gives some good food for thought.

The Internet makes it easy to bully

And to sexually harass women, particularly in those who partake in video game culture. If you’ve been following the news about Anita Sarkeesian, one of my favorite bloggers who has been viciously attacked over and over again just for wanting to research the gaming culture and how it affects women (something she already does fabulously, I might add, among other things), you know that this is a very disturbing, violent trend and certainly does not reflect positively on the technology that’s being used—or, at least, many of its users.

Our social nets make it easier for the Feds to find us

By now you’ve probably seen this goofy take on Facebook by The Onion, which I thought was hilarious; but we all know that there is often truth in humor. In this case, you might be a little chilled when you see the list of words the Feds have identified as trigger words for monitoring on social networks. Some of these words are “wave” and “relief,” which any mom can tell you could be a typical afternoon with a toddler.

Video games yield many benefits to kids

I love Dr. Peter Gray, and his research is always sound. The research professor says that not only are computers the most important tool of our time—making them integral for kids to learn about—but that they also yield a plethora of benefits for kids, such as promoting social action and friendship, possibly helping raise IQ scores, fostering decision-making skills, and so many more positive things. I would recommend this article to any parent.